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After the hurricanes: rebuilding homes, but with a challenge

When it comes to home repair, finding the right contractor can make all the difference between mediocre construction performance and an absolute dream home. Yet for countless Texas residents, this is likely the last task to check off the list. After hurricanes Harvey and Irma, many have struggled to find contractors to make basic and vital repairs to their homes.

In flood-prone areas, why is insurance so rare?

In the aftermath of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, countless Texans continue to grapple with the complex insurance laws in the state. Yet despite the financial predicament the natural disasters have introduced, many are concerned about the details of future flood insurance. Why do so many residents in flood-prone areas go without this type of coverage? As the laws continuously change, an equal amount of controversy surrounding flood insurance follows.

When home construction goes wrong

Moving into a dream home is at the top of the list for a large majority of Americans. The number of new homes across the nation has skyrocketed, turning that goal into a reality for many families. Yet there is a darker side to this promising statistic: that of ineffective construction. When no one takes the blame for a defect in a Texas property, families are often left with problems that overshadow the joys of a new home sweet home.

In the wake of hurricane season, will insurance be the answer?

At this point in the year, most of the nation is aware of the catastrophes that swept across areas in Texas earlier this fall season. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma left countless citizens without basic necessities--and, as a result, in significant danger. In the aftermath of these disasters, many are left sorting through the details of insurance claims. The details of insurance in such situations can be complex and overwhelming. Some are hopeful that adequate funding will come to the rescue, while others are skeptical that the thousands of homeowners left to sift through the damage will lack insurance coverage. 

What should I do if insurance refuses my claim?

When you file a claim in Texas, whether it is after a hurricane, fire, accident or other stressful situation, you expect the company to follow through on the promises they made to you and pay out. This can allow you to move past the disaster event and begin rebuilding. Unfortunately, 14 percent of insurance complaints that policy holders make are related to the denial of a claim, according to

How do I fix my storm-damaged property while avoiding a scam?

With property damages caused by Mother Nature, you may come across con artists and scammers seeking to trick and defraud you and other people in the state of Texas that are hoping to repair their homes. With insurance coverage being a tough enough phenomenon to receive timely and smoothly, adding a non-performing contractor to the mix, who may disappear after taking the money, can be devastating. However, there are a multitude of steps you can take to avoid being the victim and get back to normal without unnecessary additional expenses.

Bad faith lawsuit dismissed following provider reimbursement

Many in San Antonio likely understand that coverage limits from an insurance policy may leave them owing some expenses out pocket. Thus, they may plan accordingly by purchasing or securing supplemental insurance in order to account for those potential coverage gaps. Insurance is one of those rare commodities that most recognize the need to have yet hope that they never have to use. Yet when the time does come to use it, they certainly expect that if they have kept up on their premium payments (or had no reason to suspect that another party was not doing so), then benefits will be extended. 

Bad faith insurance laws outline insurer duties to policyholders

One thing that is surely on all Texans' minds is the devastation that Mother Nature can cause. Early damage estimates from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are between $150 billion and $200 billion, according to ABC News. Millions of people have been affected in a variety of ways, including loss of homes, businesses and jobs. Now that immediate danger is past, homeowners and business owners are looking ahead to recovery. Along with government aid, insurance money is an important resource in helping recovery efforts.

A homeowner can avoid low-ball insurance settlement and bad faith

In Texas, an insurance company can deny a property claim inappropriately and be accountable for its bad faith. There are other versions of actionable bad faith, including the scenario when the carrier does not deny the claim, but disputes the value of the claim. The insurance company offers a settlement that is unreasonably low relative to the damages, that should be more fully covered under the policy.

Harvey's aftermath and insurance claims

Just weeks ago, millions of Texans experienced the most devastating hurricane the country has seen in over a century. The aftermath that ensued is more than overwhelming, as the storm cost the state -- and surrounding states affected by the storm -- billions of dollars in federal relief. On top of the traumatic events that took place as a result of the disaster, many are concerned about impending insurance complications. How many families had preexisting hurricane coverage, and what are the stakes for those that had no protection? 

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