Covering Your Business From Every Angle

Most business owners in Texas assume they will experience some period of interruption after a storm or natural disaster, which is why some choose to purchase business interruption coverage. Even though business interruption coverage covers the loss of revenue while a property is being repaired or rebuilt, it doesn't cover additional expenses that may arise in these situations. As a precaution, some business owners also purchase extra expense coverage for their property.

Extra expense coverage pays an insured for any additional expenses — that lie outside normal operating costs — accrued during the time a business is being repaired or rebuilt. An example of an extra expense would be leasing business space to operate out of while construction on the existing property is taking place.

Help Reviewing Your Policy And Advocating For Your Best Interests

Having worked for large insurance companies in the past as a defense lawyer, I know insurers aren't always keen to pay out on policies after serious storms or other natural disasters. Just like business owners in the San Antonio area, insurance companies are in it for the profit. They are more worried about their bottom line than helping their clients recover the full extent of damages.

At The Law Office of Jessica Taylor, PLLC, this isn't the case. I, attorney Jessica Taylor, care about you and getting your business up and running again. I will:

  • Help you understand what is covered and what falls outside of your policy limits
  • Carefully review your policy before you sign to identify gaps in your policy
  • Help you avoid huge out-of-pocket expenses because your insurance agent failed to do their job properly
  • Aggressively advocate on your behalf to ensure you are getting the full coverage promised to you in your policy
  • Identify and address instances of bad faith insurance

Call Me — Make Sure Your Business Is Protected

If you have questions about extra expense coverage or would like to take legal action against an insurance company for delayed or denied payments on a valid insurance claim, contact my law firm, The Law Office of Jessica Taylor, PLLC, to schedule a free initial consultation.

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