Get Help Seeking Long-Term Disability Insurance Benefits In Texas

If you need to make a claim for disability benefits under an employer-provided disability insurance policy, you need to take immediate legal action. This is especially true if your claim has been denied or if your disability benefits have been terminated. I, Jessica Taylor, have represented hundreds of individuals in a wide range of legal matters, including long-term disability claims. I know the strategies necessary to get you the benefits you need to cover your disabling condition.

Employer-provided disability benefits are protected under a federal statute called the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). My law firm is one of the few law firms in Texas that focuses on ERISA claims, which is a very specific legal niche. My firm can assist you with the following long-term disability cases:

  • ERISA appeals — Where you get a second chance at trying to recover damages owed to you
  • ERISA litigation — Taking your case before a judge after filing an appeal

Are you seeking long-term disability benefits? You need a strong advocate by your side. If you are wondering if you may be able to fight against your employer for the disability benefits you deserve, you have The Law Office of Jessica Taylor, PLLC, on your side.

What Is The Difference Between Long-Term And Short-Term Disability?

The main difference between short-term disability and long-term disability is that the latter one kicks in once short-term disability benefits end. A long-term disability insurance provides disabled employees with a percentage of their income for an extensive period of time. While short-term disability insurance is usually paid for by individuals, long-term disability insurance is generally offered through employers.

However, your employer-sponsored insurance program may deny you benefits by claiming that your condition is not considered a disability under their policy. They may even have a physician examine you to determine whether or not you are able to work. Being unable to work due to a disability can be a stressful experience, and having your claim denied surely doesn't help matters. This is where I come in.

Are you a physician working on a disability claim? How you diagnose a patient can mean the difference between giving them access to much needed benefits and jeopardizing their claim. Get help from me, attorney Jessica Taylor, to avoid a negative outcome.

Contact Me For Tough And Compassionate Legal Representation

As your long-term disability attorney, I can argue that the insurance company made a mistake in denying your claim by presenting supporting medical evidence that shows you were receiving treatment for a valid long-term disability that prevents you from returning to work.

If this fails to make the insurance company grant you your rightful benefits, I can appeal or litigate your claim to help ensure you receive the long-term disability benefits you need.

The sooner I hear from you, the sooner I can get started working on your case.

Do you have more questions about how I can assist with your long-term disability claim? Please contact me as soon as possible. I offer all my potential clients a free case evaluation, in person or over the phone. My services are risk-free because I offer a contingency-fee promise — you don't owe me anything unless I succeed.

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