Understanding How Hurricane Deductibles Work In Texas

In many coastal states, including Texas, where hurricanes and other powerful storms are common, insurance companies will offer deductibles designed to cover the full extent of damage. In Texas, these are called hurricane deductibles, which are calculated as a percentage of the coverage on your home or business.

While a typical hurricane deductible in other states only covers damage caused by a hurricane, hurricane deductibles in Texas apply to damage caused by windstorms and hail, not just named storms and hurricanes. The percentage of coverage is traditionally between 1 to 5 percent (depending on the policy).

Looking Out For You, Making Sure You're Covered

I am attorney Jessica Taylor at The Law Office of Jessica Taylor, PLLC, and I know the insurance industry. I used to represent insurance companies. I know how they think and operate, which means I know how to anticipate how they will handle your damage claim.

Just because you have a hurricane deductible, doesn't mean you're always covered after a storm. Insurance companies will often place restrictions on when a policy will trigger, sometimes leaving you paying out of pocket even when you think you're covered.

At The Law Office of Jessica Taylor, PLLC, I will make sure you understand your insurance policy. If your home or business suffered damage because of a storm or other natural disaster, I will make sure your insurance company is paying out on your valid claim. I can even address insurance agent negligence claims that arise when an insurance agent fails to offer the appropriate coverage for your needs.

Is Your Insurance Company Acting In Bad Faith?

Because hurricane deductibles often require specific triggers, don't be surprised if your insurance company starts asking you a lot of questions regarding the storm and the damage it caused to your home. Your insurance company may try to use the information you provide against you, meaning delayed or denied claims.

If you have a valid property damage claim and your insurance company is refusing to pay, delaying payments or has denied your claim, I want to hear about it. Your insurance company is acting in bad faith and can be held accountable in court by a skilled lawyer.

I have considerable trial experience and am willing to fight to recover the full extent of your policy.

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