Strong Advocacy For Property Owners in Tornado Alley

As part of Tornado Alley, Texas sees more than a hundred tornados touchdown each year, each one causing some degree of damage to businesses and homes. This path of destruction costs insurance companies millions of dollars each season in addition to causing business interruptions and forcing individuals and families out of their homes.

Your property doesn't have to be in the direct path of a tornado to experience its power. Storm cells that spawn tornados can produce high winds and hail miles away from a touchdown, causing damage to roofs, siding, windows and other property.

Just because tornados are common destructive forces in Texas, doesn't mean home and business owners don't deserve to have their property damage claims honored by their insurance company. At The Law Office of Jessica Taylor, PLLC, in San Antonio, attorney Jessica Taylor stands as a strong advocate for homeowners and business owners who have been affected by tornado damage.

Fight Back Against Insurance Companies Who Push Back

Before establishing The Law Office of Jessica Taylor, PLLC, in early 2012, I worked for large insurance companies. I know the tactics they use to get out of paying on a storm damage claim. They may look at the damage done to your roof, siding or other parts of the structure and say it wasn't caused by the storm. They may use this as a reason for making a lowball offer or denying your claim.

You deserve to have the full cost of damages covered by your policy. You don't deserve unnecessary pushback, delays or denial of a valid claim. If your insurance company does this, they are acting in bad faith and can be held accountable through civil action.

With me, attorney Jessica Taylor, on your side, you can fight back against bad faith insurance. I will carefully review your case to determine if the damage to your home or business is covered by your policy. If your insurance provider is acting in bad faith, I will help you take civil action to recover what you need to repair the damage and get on with your life.

You Are Not Alone In Your Fight — Get My Help

The tornado damage to your home or business is enough of a burden. Don't let your insurance company make matters worse by acting in bad faith. Talk to me, Jessica Taylor, and put an experienced, aggressive lawyer in your corner.

To schedule a free initial consultation at our office in San Antonio, Texas, call 210-265-6759 or send me a message online.