Was Your Property Affected By Water Damage?

As much as we rely on water for everyday life, it has the ability to be an extremely destructive force. Millions of dollars in damages are caused every year in the United States from damage caused by water; whether it be flooding, broken pipes, damaged water heaters and more. Unfortunately, water damage can cause serious damages to your home and when this occurs, it is likely that you will turn to your insurance company to help you with the costs of making these repairs.

Insurance companies are, before anything else, a business. While we, the consumer, purchase insurance for our homes with the expectation that we can use money we have contributed in the event of an emergency, insurance companies may be preoccupied with protecting their bottom line.

The Law Office of Jessica Taylor, PLLC, is dedicated to helping you recover what you are rightfully owed after your insurance company has denied your claim, delayed payment on your behalf, or canceled your insurance after filing a claim. I can fight for you when you need to stand up to insurance companies that are acting in bad faith.

Is My Insurance Company Acting In Bad Faith?

Did you know that water damage claims are among the most common in Texas? From natural disasters to problems with home plumbing, home and property owners across the state rely on their insurance companies to help them pay for the costs associated with repairing these damages. Generally, insurance may not cover claims that involve conditions occurring on your property that you knew about or reasonably should have taken steps to address.

You need your insurance company to step up if your property has been affected by water damage, especially considering the likelihood for the development of dangerous mold following these instances. Unfortunately, insurance companies due employ certain tactics to get out of paying on a claim. Insurers may:

  • Take a longer time than necessary to pay on valid insurance claims
  • Offer to pay less money on your claim then you deserve to receive
  • Outright deny a valid claim

When bad faith practices like this are involved in a water damage claim, you can rely on an aggressive San Antonio lawyer like me, Jessica Taylor, from The Law Office of Jessica Taylor, PLLC, to stand by your side and hold insurance companies accountable.

Get The Defense You Need With A Bad Faith Lawyer

Depending on the type of insurance policy you hold, recovering payment for water damage can be difficult. Don't handle this claim on your own! Working with a bad faith insurance lawyer can help you recover everything you are owed based on your policy and additional compensation for additional problems caused by the delay in payment.

Are you a business owner with additional coverage? Business owners in Texas often purchase additional insurance to cover additional costs that can arise because of water damage. Bad faith insurance can happen with these types of claims as well.

For nearly 20 years, I, attorney Jessica Taylor, have dedicated my practice to defending the rights of those in San Antonio whose properties have been negatively impacted by water damage. Providing aggressive and caring representation, my firm is here for you when you need strong legal representation.

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