Helping Victims Of Unsuitable Investments In Texas

Even though seniors make up a small portion of the population in our country, they are oftentimes the first people investors go to with the promise of "huge payouts" and investments with "little to no risk." Investment brokers are required by law to make investments in their client's best interests. When this doesn't happen, however, a senior client can easily become the victim of an unsuitable investment.

At The Law Office of Jessica Taylor, PLLC, in San Antonio, I help people of all ages, including seniors, who are the victims of unscrupulous investment practices and fraud. I put the law on the side of my clients, helping them hold investors and fraudsters accountable for their actions, and recover damages equal to what they lost.

What Is An Unsuitable Investment?

Texas laws require investors to make suitable investments that are consistent with their client's objectives, life circumstances and best interests. When investment brokers push clients to purchase products they don't need or don't align with their best interests, then an investment is considered to be "unsuitable."

The suitability of an investment depends on a person's situation. Take variable annuities for example. While some individuals may not be significantly impacted when a variable annuity doesn't pay out, but seniors with fixed incomes may suffer huge financial losses due to this risky investment.

Protection Against Unsuitable Investments And Fraud

I, attorney Jessica Taylor, fight back against predatory insurance companies and investors who put their own self interests before the well-being of retirees in Texas. Whether you are the victim of an unsuitable investment or suffered a devastating financial loss because of annuities fraud, you can rest assured knowing I won't stop fighting until you have recovered fair damages and those responsible for your financial loss are punished.

My extensive background in ERISA law allows me to also spot unsuitable investments concerning employer pension plans.

Have Questions? Get Answers From Me

If you or a loved one suspect you were a victim of an unsuitable investment, talk to me, attorney Jessica Taylor. I am the lawyer who will make sure your rights are protected and that you recover financially from this abuse of your trust. Schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case. Contact my San Antonio, Texas, office by phone at 210-265-6759 or by email through this online contact form.