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September 2017 Archives

ERISA law and gender-identity discrimination

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (commonly known as ERISA), is a federal law centering around the topics of tax and labor in the private industry. Since its establishment, ERISA has assisted employees across the country with pension and health plans. Similar to other employee benefit plans, this law equips employees with plan summaries, including fiduciary plans. While the law itself sets out to protect employees around the country, a recent incident in Texas pointed toward issues underlying these plans and how they may be more exclusive than once thought.

COBRA benefits can come at a high cost to employee

Many Texas employees enjoy employer-provided group health insurance coverage. The allowed coverage may also include coverage for spouses and other family members. The value of such health insurance can be invaluable. However, grave concern can arise about loss of coverage when an employee is no longer covered by the employment related health insurance.

Harvey's aftermath and insurance claims

Just weeks ago, millions of Texans experienced the most devastating hurricane the country has seen in over a century. The aftermath that ensued is more than overwhelming, as the storm cost the state -- and surrounding states affected by the storm -- billions of dollars in federal relief. On top of the traumatic events that took place as a result of the disaster, many are concerned about impending insurance complications. How many families had preexisting hurricane coverage, and what are the stakes for those that had no protection? 

Understanding bad faith insurance practices

Insurance is a benefit that most in San Antonio likely recognize the need for yet hope they never have to take advantage of. That feeling likely arises from the assumption many may have that insurers are difficult to work with. It may be understood that insurance companies do not stay in business by paying out on every single claim they receive, yet most policyholders expect that as long as they remain current on their premium payments, benefits will be extended when they need them. When they are not, policyholders rightfully want to know why

Understanding local coverage determinations

As a healthcare provider in San Antonio, your primary concern is the health and well-being of your patients. It is difficult to manage that, however, if you are not getting reimbursed for the services that you perfom. Many practitioners in your position have come to us here at The Law Office of Jessica Taylor PLLC wondering what they can do to avoid having to deal with the hassle that comes with claim denials. Given that your expertise likely does not lie in medical coding and reimbursement, you may have no idea exactly what insurers want to see on claims. That is where understanding local coverage determinations comes in handy. 

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