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February 2018 Archives

Late release of information deemed bad faith by judge

One the chief complaints that many have when dealing with insurance companies in San Antonio is the time that it often takes to get claims resolved. While at face value, it may seem as though insurers are justified in being thorough in their investigation into claims, the notion that such intensive examination may only be a stall tactic is ever-present. When that examination results in a claim denial, one might be justified in accusing his or her insurer of operating in bad faith

How can I spot a bad investment?

With all of the opportunities that Texans, and Americans in general, have to make money, it seems there are just as many ways to lose it. Bad investments, bad management, bad economy and more. When you are a victim of investment fraud, however, it stings even more, and the consequences can be heartbreaking. Here are some tips you can use to sort out scams from legitimate investments. 

Don't sabotage your disability claim. Avoid these 3 mistakes.

Unlike a physical injury or disability, you can't just look at someone and know they have a mental health condition. More to the point, you can't look at someone with a mental health condition and know how it is affecting their life and ability to work. Unfortunately for so many, the severity of a mental illness is what leads them to file a disability claim with their insurance company each year.

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