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March 2018 Archives

Identifying common claim filing errors

Like many of the physicians and practitioners in San Antonio that we here at The Law Office of Jessica Taylor, PLLC have worked with in the past, you rely heavily on insurance reimbursement to meet the operating expenses of your practice. That is why having a claim denied by an insurer can be so frustrating. The immediate response of both you and your staff upon receiving a denial may be to prepare a lengthy medical opinion in preparation for an appeal. Yet before you do that, your first step should be to check for simple filing errors that may have affected payment. 

Do insurers have to inform you why they denied coverage?

Just like any other responsible adult, you know that when you get behind the wheel of a car you need to be insured in compliance with Texas law. Yet when you sought out an insurer, that insurer denied you coverage and refused to provide you with a policy. Not only did they deny you coverage, but they ignored your inquiries into why. Are insurance providers legally allowed to deny such information to consumers?

Understanding the ERISA claims process

At The Law Office of Jessica Taylor PLLC in Texas, we know that while you love the retirement and insurance benefits your employer provides you through the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, you dread dealing with ERISA's stringent federal and state rules and regulations when you have to make a claim.

Sinkholes prompt battle between residents and insurer

People in San Antonio rely on their homes to not only protect them from the elements, but also to provide them and their families with a safe haven from which they can escape the stresses of their jobs and other responsibilities. When damages to their homes render them incapable of providing those benefits, that reliance shifts to their insurers to correct said damages and restore residents' peace-of-mind. One can imagine, then, just how disheartening it may be for one in such a situation to learn that his or her insurer has no intention of providing the relief he or she is seeking. 

What are timely filing limits?

Healthcare providers in San Antonio (such as yourself) rely heavily on insurance reimbursement to be able to continue to serve their patient populations. It could easily be said, then, that you are somewhat at the mercy of insurance companies and their policies. Dealing with claim denials is a constant struggle for providers in your position. This struggle can be compounded even further in that the longer it takes to get claims resolved, the greater the potential that you encounter timely filing issues. 

What is Section 404(c) of the ERISA act?

ERISA, the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act, is a law that protects Texas employees’ private pension plans, such as the 401(k) and the 403(b). Another part of the law addresses 404(c) plans, which allow employees to manage their retirement account investments themselves instead of a fiduciary, who makes investments on behalf of employees in other plans.

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