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Don't sabotage your disability claim. Avoid these 3 mistakes.

Unlike a physical injury or disability, you can't just look at someone and know they have a mental health condition. More to the point, you can't look at someone with a mental health condition and know how it is affecting their life and ability to work. Unfortunately for so many, the severity of a mental illness is what leads them to file a disability claim with their insurance company each year.

Fire insurance claims: what you should know and do

A house fire is an unexpected, frightening experience that can leave you feeling unsettled, confused, and with a deep sense of loss. These feelings may linger for weeks or even months after the actual event. The last thing you need is a struggle with the insurance company over getting the compensation you are entitled to. It’s no secret that insurance companies often look for excuses to deny claims or pay less than they should. What can you do to ensure that you get full coverage after a fire?

Common mistakes when applying for ERISA benefits

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), enacted by the federal government in 1974, allows for those who become disabled and unable to work to receive long-term benefits. But applying for ERISA benefits is anything but a simple process; these are muddy waters to navigate, and just one mistake in the application process could jeopardize the entire claim.

How should business owners report damage after a disaster?

After a natural disaster, your business may face serious structural and property damage. These losses can quickly add up, and without insurance reimbursement you may find yourself in financial hot water. Unfortunately, even with proper coverage you run the risk of claim denial. How can you increase your chances of executing a successful insurance claim?

The effects of ERISA on disability claims

If you have a job in a private or publicly traded company, and insurance programs supplied by your employer, then you should be familiar with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, more commonly known by the acronym ERISA. This act was put in place to help regulate the benefits offered by private employers. 

Texas Property Insurance Law Changes Just As Harvey Hits

The property damage from Hurricane Harvey may take years to assess. But, as The Chronicle reports, lawyers and watchdog groups are advising homeowners in Houston, San Antonio and throughout Texas to file notice of insurance claims immediately. This is because new state-wide insurance laws take effect on Friday, September 1, and may make it more difficult for individuals to obtain financial relief.

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