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Identifying common claim filing errors

Like many of the physicians and practitioners in San Antonio that we here at The Law Office of Jessica Taylor, PLLC have worked with in the past, you rely heavily on insurance reimbursement to meet the operating expenses of your practice. That is why having a claim denied by an insurer can be so frustrating. The immediate response of both you and your staff upon receiving a denial may be to prepare a lengthy medical opinion in preparation for an appeal. Yet before you do that, your first step should be to check for simple filing errors that may have affected payment. 

What are timely filing limits?

Healthcare providers in San Antonio (such as yourself) rely heavily on insurance reimbursement to be able to continue to serve their patient populations. It could easily be said, then, that you are somewhat at the mercy of insurance companies and their policies. Dealing with claim denials is a constant struggle for providers in your position. This struggle can be compounded even further in that the longer it takes to get claims resolved, the greater the potential that you encounter timely filing issues. 

Common concerns about erisa claims

Filing an ERISA claim may seem a straightforward process at first, but it is important that every detail of these claims receives adequate attention. The role of physicians in such a process is crucial, as insurance companies rely heavily on accounts made by medical professionals. Knowing the ins and outs of these claims can help Texas patients avoid issues in the future and, most importantly, ensure the acceptance of filed claims. 

Appealing denied claims

As a healthcare provider in San Antonio, you no doubt feel a strong obligation to help your local patient population in any way that you can. Your ability to do that is, of course, dependent upon you being paid for the services that you render. Thus, when you receive an insurance claim denial, it is easy to become frustrated. Often, clients come to us here at The Law Offices of Jessica Taylor PLLC wondering what to do in the face of mounting denials. If you have the same question, it is important to understand that a denied claim does not need represent a final outcome.  

Trump signs for 'broader interpretation' of ERISA laws

Last week President Trump signed an Executive Order to work towards reforming the healthcare system in the U.S. The aim is to expand the available insurance choices and increase competition, which may bring down the cost for consumers.

Understanding local coverage determinations

As a healthcare provider in San Antonio, your primary concern is the health and well-being of your patients. It is difficult to manage that, however, if you are not getting reimbursed for the services that you perfom. Many practitioners in your position have come to us here at The Law Office of Jessica Taylor PLLC wondering what they can do to avoid having to deal with the hassle that comes with claim denials. Given that your expertise likely does not lie in medical coding and reimbursement, you may have no idea exactly what insurers want to see on claims. That is where understanding local coverage determinations comes in handy. 

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